Being successful is not about the designation or luxury. It’s all about our satisfaction and happiness in our every action. I truly believe in one magic, “If people around you are true and happy, then nothing can make you worse or weak”. Healthy & Happy surrounding will give us the successful results now and forever.

My Thought

Happiness is what we do and not what we get. 

My Story

Over the Years


Learning on SEO

My first involvement on Computer based projects or tasks.

05 OCT 2014

[Rebranded as TechGLADs]

Started developing a website with our study materials. Real Time experiment on SEO.

Aug 2016

[Web Development Intern]

GUVI Team saw our work and they accepted for an internship opportunity to work on their website.

May 2017

[Head – SEO & Web Mgt]

Career started as an SEO analyst. The team work and hard work made a huge impact for us and company growth as well.

OCT 2017

ClickDo Ltd
SEO Analyst

First offer from a Company outside India. SEO & Digital Marketing for International Clients.

FEB 2018

SeekaHost Ltd
Head of Operations

Opportunity to work on Web Hosting Industry. Giving my best as everything is a new learning.

My Story for you

Very Crispy Story of My Career

     Everything in our life should have initiated at a point and for me it started on 2nd year of my college life through a seminar lead by Logesh Kumar (CEO & Founder of Infozub) on SEO. It was an eye-opening seminar for me, which made me to think a lot. Before that, I was fond of doing projects on automobile and robotics for which I attended lot of workshops & did some basic experiments.

To be frank enough, I am a student who joined college just for a degree. I am not a person who is capable of memorizing and just imitating things as in the book. However, I was having a passion and dream to innovate something special. Moreover, I do not like to say any role model or follower because I want to live my life and not like others.

Friends supported me to learn subjects in a better way like a story so that I don’t struggle a lot for marks. Surprising point is that I just completed my college without any history of arrears. Clearing engineering examination without any history of arrears is not an achievement but for me it is.

I started working on SEO from the 2nd year. Along with that, I did my most satisfactory job on helping people by being a part of NSS Team. Later became the NSS Chief Coordinator of the College and did some social service, which gave me lot of happiness & satisfaction.

Proud moment of college is that we are a team of 3 people. Gowdham Subramanian (Myself), Aslam Saah (Designer & Support Specialist) & Dinesh Kumar (SEO & Digital Marketing Expert), combination of this triplet just made some awesome things. Yes, we did the learning, projects and doing the career altogether as it’s continuing the same still this minute.

We have an impressive history during our college days. Yes, we attended lot of project and paper presentation on SEO and we banged First prize in every event we participated, except one, which we obtained 2nd Place.

During 5th Semester of my college, a person came to our college as a chief guest for an event. During the final Q/A session, I questioned him about the implementation of SEO for his company website/applications and he got impressed with that. Planned for an internship period but it did not go well.

Started my career on SEO as an Intern at Infozub from May 2017. After various struggles and challenges, crossed multiple designation on multiple companies. Currently working as a Head of Operations at SeekaHost Ltd (Registered in UK). We have own office in India from where I am managing the operations and the team.

Do you know? How I travelled this much distance with all the struggles? Every credits goes to my friends who are my lives. Without their support, I am not a person here. When I was running towards my goal and passion, I fell down in pain & loneliness lot of time. People around me used to enjoy the moments but I will be a person to break my head with system and project, as that’s my everything.

Friends supported me in all my activities with all possible ways and they stood for me in my worst times. I did nothing for them but they never expected that much as they are busy in showering their care and support. Even if I am not attending the classes during my Internship period, all my assignments got submitted on time without my knowledge.

All I can do for them is to stand for them until my last minute of my life and will be available for them every minute. I am still happy to say that we are all together even though we are far away from each other physically.


Gowdham Subramaniam

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