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Digital Marketing Expert & Server Specialist
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Gowdham Subramaniam

I am passionate about supporting business people & students to succeed in their business and online career with real-time stats. Personally, I enjoy the way I teach and support others to succeed in their career.

The more you teach the more you can learn. Thoughts and views can vary from person to person. When you help people to figure out the best solution for their problems in a different perspective, which means you are getting stronger into it.

To be honest, I am not a person to read & memorize as it doesn’t go well. I strongly believe that learning things in a practical way makes it more productive. Engineers should be practical learners to become more successful and yes, of course, I have completed Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science.

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Gowdham Subramaniam

We Learn 50% while implementing, but 80% when prepared our-self to teach and make others understand.

Books Read

Read few books related to Business Oriented concepts to have a great exposure in Business & career world, apart from Programming languages.

Many in the Queue.

Will get added once read.

Any more recommendations and suggestion from you are “Always Acceptable”

Appellations & Services Rendered

[Few carved out]

Worked on various software/technologies, whereby got powerful insights and experience with real-time testing, implementation & accomplishments.



Started My Journey

Google Marketing

Stepped into Paid Advertisement

Facebook Remarketing

Succeeded after a Long Attempt

Gsuite & MS Exchange

Incorporated for Client Requirement

SEO Analyst

Mastered with own endowment

Marketing Analyst

My Second Designation

Youtube Advertising

Assimilated for Client Requirement

Web Hosting Manager

New Designation

Page Speed Optimization

First Experiment & Research

Social Media Manager

Marching towards Social Media

AWS & Google Cloud

First Step towards Cloud

Server Specialist

Promoted to Next Designation

Website Designing

Eagerness to Make it Attractive

Facebook Marketing

First Learning on Social Media

SSL & CDN Implementation

Security is the Key & Future

Business Operations Head

**Current Designation**

What did People ask me?

What inspired me to start my online career?

During my second year of college life, we friends together attended an seminar on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) after which I was inspired a lot and planned to start my first online blog along with 16 of my friends on the Blogger platform. Initially we understood the insights of blog and started from the scratch. Read More.

As a Beginner,share your learning experiences

Started learning new concepts with more curiosity to implement things different with smarter technique. Whatever I do, will realize it and will party it hard which motivated me to make myself stronger & better.

“Stop not till the Goal is achieved”

Usually I have two questions for myself,

  • Whether I had learnt things perfectly?
  • Do you think whether you are the best in the current position?

If answer is yes, then I will think towards the next steps to make things better and better always to reach the ultimate target and have fulfilled satisfaction for myself.

Did you get an opportunity every time when you plan for the next target?

It is one of the common question to me when I say, “I will keep on moving with the next opportunity to make myself better”. 

I have heard many people saying, “Just wait, Opportunity will knock your door one day”. But I don’t think so and I don’t have that much patience to wait till it knock. If we are doing something, then there should be lot of things in queue to learn and expertise. So never wait for it, start learning it and approach your organisation/client by making yourself ready for it.

Everything will happen around us, based on how we see and handle the things.



 No, I never had a thought of working in a huge company with a good profile.The reason behind is, when we get into a well-established company,  we get guaranteed salary and do the repetitive tasks like a robot without knowing the end product which anyone can do after a good training.

Moreover, that was not my passion or dream

I completely believe that it depends on the Job nature. Not all jobs are same; you may or may not get opportunity to expose yourself, everything depends on the situations and working nature. Therefore, I fixed myself either to do something by own or to join only on a startup company, even after attending 25+ Final Rounds and getting 2 Offer letters on hand.

Startups will not have much employees and sharing caring policies will work out well. We started as a team of 3 members by facing many challenges, as it was a startup company but gained a good exposure with more responsibilities.

We never missed an opportunity and started working by thinking it as our own company. We did our best up to our expectation and satisfaction that brought us all the way here. 

It is not a destination, still lot to succeed and long way to go.

Will you help Students/Business for their Online journey?

Sure. Why not? I am a person who love to teach and guide the people in all the possible ways. 

Nothing is a hard task when you have hard work, passion & strong faith on yourself. The success can’t be built in a day but your hard work will create the path to achieve the same. Don’t urge for success, just deliver your best & you will reach the heights for sure.

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